Sorry, world...

This started as a post on the wonder of the first female President’s election.   As of this writing (10:20 EST), it’s so close, so so so close.   I can barely breathe.  This isn’t just disappointment at the potential of the first female losing.   No, this is complete terror at the possibility of the least prepared, least suited, most easily provoked human being become in charge of the most important country in the free world.   I’m afraid that our educational system is so poor that it produces people who can’t see how horrible Trump will be for us. 

In the 2000 election, I stayed up all night, completely dismayed, shocked even, that Bush could win.  It took an extended amount of time and craziness before he did, yes.  But I never, not one time, thought the country would go into complete disarray if he were elected.   I may have been wrong about that.  His eight years in office were among the worst and most destructive to the country, but nothing like this. 

Is there a worse word for terrified?   Because it feels like the Republic itself is at risk.   How all our systems work could change and only in ways that improve life for rich, white males.   The terrorists have won.  Congratulations. 

Last December I suggested my bookclub read The Handmaid’s Tale because it felt like something that could happen. That was the reality show, tabloid farce this election became.  At the time,  I was sort of joking.  But I’m actually scared it could happen.  Here, in the greatest country, the greatest social system experiment in history of the world.  Perhaps I’m over-reacting, and it won’t.  But it could.  It really could.  I’ve never thought anything like that before, not for one minute in my life.  But now I do.

I’ll be taking my pocket Constitution to bed and holding it tight tonight.