An open letter to the broken hearted freshman at UNC..

I was once in your position.  I know the heartbreak… I feel your pain.  Losing on a buzzer beater is the worst of all ways to lose.  You will see that shot in your mind a million times.   I once sat in a crowded dorm room and watched my beloved Orange play for the National Championship… alas our One Shining Moment was not to be.   You would think a lifetime of being a pre-2004 Red Sox fan would have prepared me for such a blow, but no.  I BELIEVED, as I’m sure you did.   In fact, I think my heart actually stopped for a few seconds. 

But I want you to know that things can get better.   It’s entirely possible that you experience your beloved team go on to multiple Final Fours and win a national championship (it’s possible you’ll cry like a baby when this occurs).  You may also see your hometown win 4 Superbowls, an NBA Championship and a Stanley Cup.  You may also watch your beloved baseball team come back from 0-3 down in the ALCS to win against their dreaded rivals who had won the World Series 26 times in the 86 you won nothing and then sweep the World Series, then go on to win 2 more World Series, including one in a year that terrorist bombed your marathon on Patriots Day of all days*.  Ok, you may never see that.  The greatest comeback in all of sports only happens once and I hope your city is never bombed on important local holidays, but my point is this:  things will get better.  You will smile again.  And your team will be back on day.  Of course, moving to Boston after graduation may help. 


*don’t fuck with us.  This is our fucking city.