And so I return home after another wonderful BEA. Here is my two day haul: Day 1 (Thurs) 20150528_173958 SM

Day 2 (Fri): 20150529_225123 SM

AND: 20150529_233558 sm

All this certainly looks like less than it felt like when carrying it or rolling it down the street in this bag, which was completely stuffed, and another entire tote bag. 20150528_171049 sm

I will not be attending Book Con because of last year's experience. Being herded like cattle in a small, sweltering space just isn't for me. I hear some of the issues have been resolved, but I'll reserve judgement until this year's attendees weigh in. Wait.. maybe not. I'm not sure I want to hear about things I've missed. :) I'm already sad about missing Nick Offerman, and I've avoided knowing who else is there so I'm not sad...

More complete recap coming soon!