Where Do I Start, Where Do I Begin??

Where do I start, where do I begin? Here, once again, is my BEA book haul:

20150528_173958 SM

20150529_225123 SM 2

How does one decide amongst these fine titles, never mind the (cough cough**) number of books already on my TBR. What to do? WHAT TO DO?

Punt! I'm going to finish the three books I have in progress, then tackle City on Fire (which for some reason I keep calling City of Ruin - why? no idea. Springsteen reference? - even to the reporter who asked me what galleys I was most looking forward to at BEA... thus proving I'm an idiot, not worthy of being in his article. Surely I redeemed myself by mentioning The Muse and The Water Knife?? Even a little?). City of Fire will take enough time for me to have pondered what to do next.

** where cough cough is defined as a number so large as to make one consider the list owner an insane asylum candidate. Hmm... if I were there, perhaps I could read all day every day.